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Furnished holiday rental apartment Auckland New Zealand in peaceful waterfront location for your self-catering vacation


cafe life

A short stroll takes you to charming cafés serving local
and international cuisines.

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The natural beauty of the Manakau harbour and West coast beaches are only a short drive away.

There are frequent exhibitions and a vibrant monthly craft market. Visits to the studios of local artists can also be arranged.

Walk along a deserted beach or through the lush rainforest...
Swim, go fishing, or absail down a cascading waterfall. Play a round of golf at the Tititrangi Golf Club or visit local vineyards to enjoy our famous wines.

Waitakere Wilderness Wonderland
If you would like to get away from it all, without driving more the 30 minutes from the Auckland International Airport, or from the city centre, then this is for you. The skyline of blue/green hills to the west of Auckland, the Waitakere Ranges, is a wonderland of rainforest, waterfalls, streams, beaches and sea.

One of the most unusual and endearing attributes of the biggest city in New Zealand is this enormous wilderness park, right on the doorstep, where visitors can enjoy a complete contrast to city life. Sir Arthur Hill, curator of the famous botanic gardens at Kew in London, remarked that "no city in New Zealand has such a wonderful asset so close to it". Nineteen thousand acres at least is open to the public and is traced with paths, tracks streams, waterfalls, beaches and bays and the ocean.

The beauty of the ranges can be experienced from a huge track network of approximately 200kms of walking trails which wind through the lush vegetation, with streams and waterfalls in various locations through the parkland. The native bush in the park also provides shelter and nesting habitat for about 20 species of native and introduced birds - wood pigeons, fantails, tuis, morporks, and rosellas - a few of the better knows species which provide the melodic echo of birdsong throughout the forest.

Local History
Since the early 1600's, the Waitakere area was originally inhabited by 'Kawerau A Maki' people, the maori tribe which arrived in New Zealand prior to the 'great fleet from Hawaiki, the very old homeland of the Maori. The area was then known as 'Te Wao a Tiriwa' (the great forest of Tiriwa) - Tiriwa being an important ancestor of the Kawerau people. Tribal wars and illnesses passed on by european inhabitants caused the resident tribespeople to decrease substantially and most of the land was eventually sold off to the European settlers and the Government.. However, members of the tribe continue to live in West Auckland to the present day. Together with those who have settled in other parts of Auckland, they continue to visit sacred areas, to gather materials for weaving and to fish. Te Kawerau are actively involved in the management of the environment of West Auckland and are reestablishing their role as kaitiaki (guardians) of the area.

The Waitakere Ranges was by the mid 1930's the largest area of publicly owned regenerating forest in the region.having been heavily milled in the early 1800s for its kauri, rimu and totora timbers . It is now making a good recovery with an abundant reappearance of most of the native trees, ferns and palms.


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